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Holy Terrors

Six Weird Tales by Arthur Machen

Arthur Machen (1863-1947) was a writer and journalist. Born in Caerleon on Usk, South Wales, he is most widely remembered today as the author of The Bowmen, which gave rise to the legend of the Angels of Mons. Machen’s other fiction, novels and short stories are fantastic and surreal, playing most often around the edge where the familiar world may suddenly fall into abeyance. His non-fiction works include literary criticism, cultural history and spiritual polemic, all of which justify his memory as the apostle of wonder’



Mark Goodall: Director
Julian Butler: Director
Mark Goodall: Producer
Julian Butler: Producer
Joyce Branagh: Key Cast
Tim Greenwood: Key Cast
Lloyd Peters: Key Cast
Jon Preece: Key Cast


Film Type: Feature
Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, Ghost Stories
Runtime: 1 hour 13 minutes 27 seconds
Completion Date: April 30, 2017
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Country of Filming: United Kingdom
Film Language: English
Shooting Format: Digital
Film Color: Black & White and Color


© Holy Terrors – All rights reserved.



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The tale of the Idiot

Evelin lives with her sister Alice and her Father in an isolated cottage along the river.
Since her mother’s passing, no one has ever crossed the gate of their property.
Nobody has left or entered.

They live in a world in which every sign of life has to be suppressed and inhibited. Life is a source of pain, attachments and affections induce sorrow and this evil has to be avoided. But now something new has started to grow inside Evelin. Something that cannot be pushed away. Her body has awakened and has no intention to be bunked down again. In the meantime, the blossoming spring has started and a young man, called by everyone the idiot, has decided to abandon his land, looking for the woman he met in his dreams.

The story was inspired by the book “More Than Human” by Theodore Sturgeon

“ Like a stone in a peach, a yolk in an egg, he carried another thing.

It was passive, it was receptive, it was awake and alive. If it was connected in any way to the animal integument, it ignored the connexions. It drew its substance from the idiot and was otherwise unaware of him.



Seth Morley: Director
Yag Film and Giovanni Fiamminghi: Producer
Adriana Grigoriev: Key Cast
Marta Suardi: Key Cast
Niccolò Tiberi: Key Cast
Mino Francesco Manni: Key Cast


Film Type: Experimental, Short
Genres: Tragedy, drama, horror
Runtime: 35 minutes
Completion Date: July 13, 2017
Country of Origin: Italy
Country of Filming: Italy
Film Language: Italian
Shooting Format: Digital Full HD
Film Color: Color


© The tale of the Idiot – All rights reserved.



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Grand Tour Omeopatico

Il film è il racconto di un grande viaggio interiore e geografico, con la scuola di omeopatia “Il risveglio del guaritore”.
Il Maestro è una Maestra: una donna eccezionale, italiana dell’Alto Adige, dal destino unico, di essere un’omeopata a Berlino, un Guru , una guaritrice. Seguendo i suoi insegnamenti facciamo un’immersione nell’omeopatia, un’arte di guarire e un’arte di vivere.


Giovanna Poldi Allai: Director
Giovanna Poldi Allai: Writer
Giovanna Poldi Allai: Producer
Homöopathisches Welttheater/ Annalisa Adami: Producer
Annalisa Adami: Key Cast
Nathanael Schwartz: Key Cast

Project Title (Original Language): Grand Tour Omeopatico
Film Type: Documentary
Genres: spititualià, arte di guarire
Runtime: 1 hour 25 seconds
Completion Date: January 14, 2018
Country of Origin: Italy
Film Language: German
Shooting Format: Digital
Film Color: Color


© Grand Tour Omeopatico – All rights reserved.



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Vibration: The Symphony of Life

Vibration is the basic natural law of life stating that all matter is energy vibrating at its own frequency. Experiencing the power of vibration leads to feeling whole, becoming more aware, and uplifting ourselves and the world. With each conscious breath, the intimate connections of all existence appear and the living universal field that we exist in becomes evident. Vibration ~ The Symphony of Life is a conversation with scientists, researchers, healers, and educators that explores the emerging science of the bio-field, the human connection, and the use of will and intention to act on behalf of the greater life.

Underlying all matter is energy and this energy is governed by the Law of Vibration. In truth, nothing rests; all manifestation is in a constant state of rhythm and movement through pulsating fields of energy. If we visualize the vibration of the universe as being similar to a spider’s web, we begin to understand the intimate connections of all existence. No corner of the web can be touched or impacted without the tremors being transmitted throughout all points of this web of life. While we each vibrate at our own frequency (sounding our ‘individual note’ into the greater life), we are simultaneously participating in the greater symphony of life through our roles as dynamic receivers, transformers, and transmitters of varying material and spiritual energies. Humanity is gradually awakening to the interconnections of all creation and its innate oneness. The air we breathe, like water, has no divisions or boundaries. To truly live the fullness of our lives as spiritual beings, we must venture beyond the mere tangible nature of physical reality. Modern discoveries in physics are rapidly altering our view of how vibration, through color, sound, and movement impacts these fields and affects our feelings and moods. Indeed, the earth itself emits a heartbeat, known as the Schumann resonance, embracing all within its field. This vibration is reflective of the planet’s bio-rhythmic signature and functions as the life support system here on earth. The goal of this educational documentary will be to explore the deepest secrets of the universe and bridge the mind-body-spirit connection while offering practical applications in everyday life. It will foster higher awareness by conveying the power of vibration through a synthesis of science, philosophy and ageless wisdom.



Justin Wilkinson: Director
Therese Antony: Writer
Justin Wilkinson: Writer
Brie Liberty: Writer
Therese Antony: Producer
Heidi Rose Robbins: Key Cast


Film Type: Documentary
Genres: Spirituality and Consciousness
Runtime: 58 minutes 7 seconds
Completion Date: June 15, 2017
Country of Origin: Canada
Country of Filming: United States
Film Language: English
Shooting Format: Digital
Film Color: Color


© Vibration: The Symphony of Life – All rights reserved.



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