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Tau, the daemon and the city

Tau is, at once, a fiction film on spirits, a documentary on the passing of time in a small town and a portrait of Catalan traditional culture.

An immaterial being talks us through the streets of a coastal town. Moving between people’s feelings, dreams, and mindscapes, the spirit relentlessly looks for his double among the city inhabitants.

Tau is a docu-fiction portrait of a city, Tarragona, as seen through the “eyes” of a daemon who dwells in a parallel, and yet close to ours, reality. The story takes place somewhere between the contemporary world and the ancient times of myths, spirits, and daemons. The film also explores cultural archetypes showing the eternal conflict between centralized and decentralized structures, between pyramids and networks.



Gerard Gil: Director
Gerard Gil: Writer
Gerard Gil: Producer

Project Title (Original Language): Tau, la ciutat i el daimon
Film Type: Documentary, Experimental, Feature
Genres: docu-fiction, fiction documentary
Runtime: 2 hours 3 minutes 33 seconds
Completion Date: December 1, 2017
Country of Origin: Spain
Country of Filming: Spain
Film Language: Catalan
Shooting Format: DVCam
Film Color: Color


Director Statement:
The idea for “Tau, the daemon and the city” came at the time I was working as a cameraman for tv. I was often sent to record images of certain programmes. Sometimes it was a contest, sometimes news or cultural events; and, many times, while I was filming those “commissioned images”, I noticed, around me, other images that were much more interesting than the ones I was supposed to take. I soon realized that this was not a rare occurrence and that, in fact, every time one spends enough time, it doesn’t matter where, if one is patient, valuable images show up. I recalled VictoThere are saying: “There are things that time doesn’t give you if you can’t wait”. I decided to put this assumption to practice and It soon came to me that I should make a film about my hometown. And, since I needed some departure point, I decided to capture an annual cycle.

I kept going out to the streets regularly with the camera, looking for the images reality had to offer. It took more than one year, but gradually I filmed less and less. Finally, in 2017, watching some of the raw footage after having long forgotten about it, I noticed that the images already looked old, that my city had changed and that technology had evolved too. My old camcorder didn’t work properly anymore and I would better hurry to capture all those tapes if I didn’t want them to disappear in the drawer of abandoned projects and obsolete technologies.

An image says a lot about an eye, and this is true in the same measure for creators and viewers. I can say I feel the images in this film as a personal process (even if I was possessed by the daemon when I filmed them) and I can perfectly recall the total fusion with the present that I experienced shooting each one of them. As to the voice over text, it was fully dictated to me by the daemon after a reading of Plotinus’ Enneads. It’s hard to say whether we have ideas or ideas have us. Sometimes I feel as if the spirit has abandoned me and I miss him (or her), but on other occasions, I’m not sure of where my thoughts end and where the daemons begin.

Gerard Gil,
March 24th, 2017


© Tau, the daemon and the city – All rights reserved.



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Thrill Over Fear

The concept in basic terms is to thrive over your fears, face them and overcome them, without having the obstacles or experience change you. To stand tall and as a winner in dark times we all face. It also invokes, resembles and exposes the dark side we all carry within to battle our obstacles. In the film’s introduction, we see a light being transcended and go beyond the range or limits of time represented by a clock, while it is set by a thunderstorm characterized as a difficult period or time.


John Katehis: Director
Angel Saft: Co-Director
Crystal View: Producer
James Papageorgiou (A Flow Mobz): Name of Band or Artist
John Salazar (A Flow Mobz): Name of Band or Artist
John Katehis: Writer
James Papageorgiou (A Flow Mobz): Writer
John Salazar (A Flow Mobz): Writer
John Katehis: Animation / Visual Effects


Film Type: Animation, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Web / New Media, Other
Genres: Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama, Animation, Music
Runtime: 3 minutes 31 seconds
Completion Date: January 9, 2017
Country of Origin: Greece
Country of Filming: Greece
Film Language: English
Shooting Format: Digital
Film Color: Color


Director Statement:
There are a lot of perspectives and interpretations to this story, it really depends on how one views it and their intentions or inner self-consciousness plays an important role, that is the story’s singularity and what makes it unique. It exercises one’s mind, and that is an essential aspect of me and my art, to make people think and question. To me personally, it’s about thrilling over your fears, of a dark journey into the unknown, and shedding light to darkness to reveal the truth or revealing one’s true colors.


© Thrill Over Fear – All rights reserved.



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A young wanderer seeks the wisdom of the gods. “Hellsaga” is a Swedish Viking saga based on the Poetic Edda, a tale of magic and myth.



Viking Almquist: Director
Viking Almquist: Writer
Viking Almquist: Key Cast
Alva Markelius: Key Cast
Paula Ternström: Key Cast
Ola Höök: Key Cast


Film Type: Short
Genres: fantasy, Viking, historical, adventure
Runtime: 12 minutes 18 seconds
Completion Date: May 30, 2017
Country of Origin: Sweden
Country of Filming: Sweden
Film Language: Swedish
Film Color: Color


© Hellsaga – All rights reserved.



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