A Winter’s Grave is a short film by Australian writer/director Joel Stephen Birnie. It is an experimental manifestation of the director’s narrative poem titled ‘The Winter Moon’. The film itself exists in a type of limbo, nestled somewhere between silence and whispers, realism and dreamscape. It presents not only a narrative centred around ‘psychography’ (automatic/spirit writing), it also (somewhat controversially) utilised a psychographic methodology in its very production. A collaboration with the director’s mother (in her first film appearance), who herself hails from a long and documented lineage of spiritualists reaching back at least 150 years, A Winter’s Grave pays homage to a revered familial culture.

Cast: Lee Miena Skye

Director: Joel Stephen Birnie

Genres: Gothic, Experimental, Spiritual, Possession, Seance, Vintage

Language: English

Subtitles: English