The First Hermetic International Film Festival (FHIFF) was founded in Italy 2017 and had its 1st edition in 2018 with LIVE SCREENING in Venice. The film festival gives filmmakers the chance to present their work in front of an international audience. Moreover, we help filmmakers to promote their films by giving them a professional platform to showcase their works.

Categories: Feature film / Short movie / Documentary / Animation film / Experimental film / Music Video / Web project in the fields of Hermeticism / Alchemy / Esotericism / Cabala / Gnosticism / Magic / Occultism and occult philosophies / Rosicrucianism / Witchcraft / New Age / Theosophy / Anthroposophy / Freemasonry / Metaphysics / Spiritism / Mystery / Supernatural / Astrology / Science and Healing / Cults / Divination and any other occulture


Festival Director: Sara Ferro

Technical Director: Chris Weil

Venue: Associazione ABOUT, Venice (Italy)


We want to celebrate the visions: cinematography and Hermetica are both terrific imaginatively visionary cultures. Contemporary esotericism is intimately, and increasingly, connected with popular culture and new media: for this reason, we want to support such a visual fascination, the storylines revolving around neglected knowledge and the frantic search for the divine upon hidden paths of spirituality.