A man trapped in a limbo of absurd and randomly projected visions that seem to be driven by an obscure shapeshifter who has hacked into his mental and emotional intelligence.

Sammy Sayed: Director
Sammy Sayed: Writer
Medrar for Contemporary Art: Producer
Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI): Producer
Sammy Sayed: Key Cast
Maiam: Key Cast
Mena El Shazly: Key Cast
Rukia: Key Cast
Saber: Key Cast
Amr Diab: Key Cast
Omar Abou Doma: Director of Photography
Valeria Misko: Additional Footage
Sherif Sharkawy: Additional Footage
Mena El Shazly: Additional Footage
Mahmoud Eissa: Line Producer
Mostafa Ezzat: Camera Operators
Marwan Zakaria: Camera Operators
Amr Diab: Lighting Technicians
Saber: Lighting Technicians
Ahmed Ezzat: Film Editor
Mohamed El Sherbieny: Film Editor
Mohamed El Sherbieny: Visual Effects
Mohamed El Sherbieny: Color Grading
Sammy Sayed: Music composer
Sammy Sayed: Sound Design
Ahmad Kubbara: Sound recordist and mixing

Project Title (Original Language): وضوح سخيف عميق‎
Film Type: Experimental, Short, Other
Genres: Surreal Humor, Avant Garde
Runtime: 8 minutes
Completion Date: January 21, 2018
Country of Origin: Egypt
Country of Filming: Egypt, Germany
Film Language: Arabic, English, Hebrew
Shooting Format: Digital Cinema
Film Color: Color

Director Statement:
I wanted to create a film that is viewed from a different perspective and approach than what is aesthetically normal. Creating an atmosphere of uncertainty, tension, and dark surreal humor through grinding and fast information that is metaphorically symbolic to history, knowledge, and culture programmed into the protagonist’s mind and emotional intelligence. All these information aren’t necessarily absolutely true and could be a perversion of information on the internet where we mostly and easily get our information from. The web is an easy medium that most of the information in our modern world comes from, basically through google search engines.

The film creates confusion and corruption in language, majorly and especially between English subtitles and Arabic spoken or written language as a way to express the complexity of the unconscious and conscious mind perception, especially to anyone who actually knows both languages, such as the protagonist. In the same time, this corruption in language is also somehow meant to express that any reality or information can have different meanings if we look with the mind’s eye and beyond just language, and this is all depending mostly on the way we perceive and understand what we see.

The image most of the time is projected in a fast and chaotically ordered way that is pretty hard to follow, with a large amount of different layered information put into it. All these dualities and contradicting / counteractive / conflicting / confusing layers of information and meanings in the image whether it be the mistranslated subtitles or the unusual approach in video editing and VFX, it is all meant to create the effect of an alien abduction and/or seeing from the perspective of an alien entity that is hacking / possessing or uniting with the protagonist. The film as a whole is meant to be a metaphoric expression of the process of that encounter, it is meant to make the audience see from the different complex and alien perspective.

The film has also a great deal of symbolism that may refer to how the protagonist is affected by different yet still related energies and subjects such as war, religion, mysticism, history, information on the web, his childhood, love & fear, authority, life & death, hunger, lust, tradition, culture, the past, the present and the future, surveillance, freedom & enslavement. All these subjects are popping up in the film in a merely compressed way making it an overwhelming journey in a short period of time. I tried to create that unusual effect, the effect of a visionary dream / an alien abduction / an encounter with an intelligent trickster force / a journey between pain and serenity / a hallucinogenic trip that unlocks the unconscious and darkened waste in the mind / occult and mystical knowledge / ignorance and the obvious negativity in animal cruelty and the lack of empathy. Yet again all these information shouldn’t be necessarily right and / or wrong, but it is merely what is in the mind of the protagonist and merely it is what the antagonist may be shuffling around for us to see.

In short terms the film can be seen as a surreal dream that has so many information stacked into it, or has no meaning at all. we all had complex dreams before, and I tried to express what is in the emotional intelligence and mind of the protagonist in the image, I tried to capture that dream into a film. Dreams could have so many interpretations, and I believe that my film just as dreams, could be interpreted in many different ways, and I would actually and honestly say that what I am writing here in this statement is yet my own personal interpretation, even though I am the filmmaker and the main character too.

Thank You!
Sammy Sayed

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