HU MAN is a documentary showing the ability of humans to rise above their limiting self understanding to true grandeur by putting Vedic Wisdom into action.
The powers of the mind have long surpassed the imaginable. What we do not even dare to think, we carry in our name. We are human.

i) Film Info

Film Title (English): _HU MAN

Film Language: ___English

Film Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 37.27

Year of Release: 2021

Country of Production: Germany

Directo’s Statement.
Annette Mueller is a producer, director, author and publisher. Alongside Sharon Stone and Emmanuel Itier, Annette Mueller produced the documentary THE CURE, directed by international award-winning filmmaker Emmanuel Itier. THE CURE was conceived over the course of 3 years in over 10 different countries, and Annette Mueller debuted a special Director’s Cut of the documentary on September 16th, 2017 during The Healing Days in the Chiemgau in Germany. She continues to work alongside Itier, producing the documentaries WE THE PEOPLE and Guns, Bombs, and War: A Love Story. Mueller is also produced the documentary HEALERS WITHOUT BORDERS in collaboration with filmmakers Werner Dück and Emmanuel Itier. Her latest work is the production and direction of the documentary HU MAN – Healing Journey To Being Human. As a philanthropist and the founder as well as CEO of the respected hospital for energy healing Villa San Esprit and the École San Esprit – International School Of Healing Arts n Germany which teaches the three energy healing methods she developed: amazingrace, SKYourself, and KAR. Mueller is based in London.