As planet Earth is dying, a child takes off a three step adventure: the journey in a space capsule, the arrival on a faraway island where she finds a tree worshipping Hermit and becomes an adult, the meeting with two pilgrims who will contribute to her questioning how to be in the world and relate with alterity. A meditation between sci-fi, spirituality and ecology on our relationship with time and matter and on the reasons for the environmental catastrophe we are going through. If the island, in contrast with the Earth, is still alive, it is probably because it is populated with creatures such as the pilgrims who ignore concepts like attachment and conditioning and believe we are all part of a whole: “The barriers known in my childhood collapsed in an instant. Collapsed over and over. Here I was, eternally, None. None on the island”. By drawing from David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti’s dialogues, the film is a journey of consciousness in an autumnal landscape where birds sing and the boundaries between human and non-human blur: “You are the space where all experiences happen. But you are None, none of them”.

DIRECTOR: Alberto Baroni

SCREENPLAY: Alberto Baroni


SOUND: Alberto Baroni

EDITING: Alberto Baroni

CAST: Paola Bardella, Jessica Castelli, Fausta Ranghetti, Paolo Serioli, Veronica Valtulini.

PRODUCER: Alberto Baroni

GENRES: Sci-fi, Experimental

RUNTIME: 13’00”

LANGUAGE: Invented Language (English subtitles)