A young woman experiences strange, mysterious phenomena in New York City after discovering three chests in the woods. An ode to classic Italian fantastique horror.

Joshua Alexander Matteo: Director
Joshua Alexander Matteo: Writer
Joshua Alexander Matteo: Producer
Maria Jose: Key Cast
Massima Desire: Key Cast
Mars Hobrecker: Key Cast
Untitled Queen: Key Cast
Alec Bandzes: Key Cast
B.D. Rosa: Music
Adam Powers: Editor and Sound
Benjamin Boyles (TinyTiger Media): Director of Photography

Film Type: Short
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Fairy Tale
Runtime: 15 minutes
Completion Date: August 14, 2017
Country of Origin: United States
Country of Filming: United States
Shooting Format: Digital
Film Color: Color

Director Statement:
METANOIA, METANOIA was originally written without any esoteric research or themes. My mission was simply to make an Italian style fantasy thriller, in the style of Dario Argento’s Inferno. After doing a bit of esoteric research, I discovered Gnosticism. I found that the myths and the themes of the Gnostics fit in eerily perfectly with my film. It truly was divine inspiration. The film was delayed, and I embarked on a 4-month deep research journey. The plot was relatively the same as the first script, but now with more meat and soul. It excited, frightened, and moved me to see how perfectly it fit-almost as if the spirits were calling upon me to make this film. Although the film remains esoteric and the riddles and mysteries are not concretely explained, all Gnostic figures and themes are accurately depicted in the film. The antiques in the film are all certified true Gnostic antiques, some of them 1700 years old. It was a joy to become forever inspired by Gnosticism and I truly believe the spirits touched this film. I hope the magic is tangible to you, the viewer. Please enjoy the dream that is METANOIA, METANOIA and perhaps you can figure out the mystery.
Joshua Alexander Matteo

© METANOIA, METANOIA – All rights reserved.