Art is a numinous human expression of the Sacred. The film, Mining the Unconscious is a riveting and true celebration of life, as well as a tribute to C.G. Jung’s profound contribution to the field of transpersonal psychology, culture and the language of the collective unconscious. The film depicts the landscape of inner experience in a quest for spiritual and cultural renewal. Artists excavate stories and revelations in the profound territory of the soul. While watching this creative process, the viewer is brought into a stunning illumination of transformation and healing, born from dreams, myths, and archetypes.

For the filmmaker, the process of collaboration with the painters, sculptors, photographers, and storytellers revealed that Nature herself was Muse and primal source of creativity. Ms. Martin envisioned the film as a flowing river from the artist healing Self, the artist healing others, and finally, arriving at the very origins of art – the artist as shaman healing community. On this ground, we find Connectedness. We find Heart. We find Inspiration.

Director: Marcelina Martin
Run Time: 64 Minutes
Language: English
Production: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Company: Two Spirit Films

Cast: Colleen Kelley, Christopher Castle, Susan Slotter, Issa Nyaphaga, S.K. Yeatts, Belinda Edwards, Michele Relkin, Brenda Roper, Joe Cajero, Meinrad Craighead, Shawn Turung, Vijali Hamilton, Julie Chase-Daniel, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Harriette Tsosie, Kathleen McCloud, Russell Thurston

Crew: Susan Slotter- Post Production Supervisor; Marcelina Martin, Susan Slotter, Gene Mederos-Sound Design; Marcelina Martin-Editor; Vincent Leyendecker, Victor Nieto, Grant Taylor, Marcelina Martin, Susan Slotter, Tom Guilmette- Camera; Anita Shontel Woodley, Jenny Sanborn, Angele Essamba- Still Photography; Christopher Castle, Vijali Hamilton, Edie Hartshorne, Gwen Jones, Jami Sieber, Jewell Cornette, Yatri, Kevin MacLeod, Kim Oswalt, Helen Dryz- Music

Historic Footage of Carl G. Jung: Jonas Mekas