In Norse mythology, the Norns are female goddesses who rule the destiny of all living beings.
The most important of the Norns are three sisters, standing for the past, the present and the
future. Their names are Urd (what ever was), Verdandi (what is born to be) and Skuld (what
will be). Together they live at the Yggdrasil, or in other words the tree of life. They nourish
this tree by anointing the decaying wood with white clay. This tree symbolizes the endlessly
branched form of existance. Beside that, he connects the human world, the world of the dead,
and the world of gods. Often, this tree was represented as a gigantic ash, but old writings
indicate it was probably a venom tree.
“And all this tolerates the ash, which must be regarded as a world tree, does not perish, but is
eternally, evergreen, standing at the holy source of time.”
One day, Norn wends to the Earth to kill a child named Herlinde. Norn is a young goddess
who got the task of killing Herlinde. Death is treated with great respect. Not seen as good, nor
bad, but the necessary. Norns believe that those who have completed life on Earth, can move
on to another life, a next phase. In other words: Norn wants to help Herlinde. Killing without
murder. However, Herlinde is relieved with the appearance of Norn. She felt like her
superficial life had nothing more to offer her and she had been praying for a miracle. And
there was Norn, who had appaered in her life as a gift. Herlinde was not aware of Norn’s
intention and shows her new, silent and intruiging friend life as she knows it. Norn starts to
feel connected to Herlinde, even though she maintains a cold distance. Due to a sense of
unity, Norn is having trouble killing Herlinde and enjoys the time they share together. Hours
later, when night is falling, Herlinde invites Norn to join her in bed. But gods need no sleep.
At night Norn transforms into an old woman, who feels a strong desire to strangle Herlinde.
However, that night Norn doesn’t kill Herlinde due to a fear of hurting her new friend’s
feelings. As soon as Herlinde wakes up in the morning, Norn tells her the truth. Herlinde who
is ignorant about the gods, was not prepared for this twist. She is very afraid because she
doesn’t want to die, but she trusts Norn so she allows her fate. Death will be embraced.

This idea comes from the inner conflict of wanting to live and wanting to die at the same
time, in which Norn expresses death and Herlinde expresses life. Besides physical death there
are ways to die without having to give up life. This happens when someone experiences
personal growth in the psyche: in the spirit the dead part is released so that space is created for
something new. It is a soft internal transition, so that the personality can become (more)

Hannah Vanspauwen as Norn
Roosje Marchal as the girl
Emma Elens, Soeteken Elens, Lotte Meert as the three girls
Imelda Claes as the old woman

Director: Janne Elens
Genre: Tale/Legend
Runtime: 15 min 27 seconds
Language: DUTCH
Subtitles: ENG