SYNOPSIS: Thanks to the help of a mysterious master, Noblo systematically ascends all the five layers of reality of the ancient Vedic scriptures, desperately seeking for his life’s purpose. Numbness and confusion dramatically take a hold of him as he progresses, from Earth to Fire, Water to Air, slowly revealing, as he reaches the innermost cave of the self, the true face of his eternal enemy: the Doppleganger. A most symbolic voyage, that will finally see him emerging as a master of reality; thus giving the wheel of life, another spin.
/ CAST: Gianmarco Cestra
/ DIRECTOR: Fabio Falzarano
/ GENRES: Surreal, Experimental
/ Runtime: 11:20
/ Language: Italian
/ Subtitles: Ma OBLON, o NOBLO?
/ Director statement: «What is OBLON?» and «What is reality?» is perhaps asking the same question.
The key of the riddle portayed in this short humble work, is one of most ancient origin; that of sages lost in the seashores of time. As they point at the infinite nature of possibilities that lies just outside the deaf capabilities of the senses, a new perspective becomes suddenly clear.

«What is OBLON?» and «What is ideology?» is perhaps asking the same question again.
Ideology as one’s weltanschauung, one’s life’s vision, is made apparent to our protagonist as he loses himself in the infinite stream of the OBLON mantra. the infinite canvas of possibilities, that previously resolved in the only frame that his cultural tradition held as valid (OBLON), but that now opens up to just as many life vision’s as there are perspectives on life; just as each of the framing on the sides of the Press kit’s pages shows, by isolating five consecutive letters, inside the infinite stream of: