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The Machine From the Future – Director’s Cut

The Machine from the Future, director’s cut.
The Machine produces unlimited, clean energy at zero cost!
Is it a secret weapon?
Does it transform matter?
Is Ettore Majorana its inventor?
Is it a time machine?
Is Ettore Majorana still alive today?
Where is the machine?
We have seen what they have hidden from your eyes.
In the Machine from the Future 2.0 we show you new clues…

Director: Victor Tognola
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 84 minutes
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

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The Way of the Psychonaut

The Way of the Psychonaut explores the life and work of Stanislav Grof, Czech-born psychiatrist, and psychedelic psychotherapy pioneer. Stan’s quest for knowledge and insights into the healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness influenced the discipline of psychology and profoundly changed many individual lives. One of those transformed by Stan is filmmaker Susan Hess Logeais. The documentary utilizes Susan’s personal existential crisis as a gateway to Grof’s impact, from the micro to the macro.

Feature documentary, 86 minutes, English with subtitles in English, Italian, French, Russian, Czech, German, Chinese, Latin America Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.


Susan Hess Logeais


Stanislav Grof, MD PhD Susan Hess Logeais Sean Kelly, PhD
Robert McDermott, PhD Richard Tarnas, PhD Fritjof Capra, PhD
Jack Kornfield, PhD Rupert Sheldrake, PhD Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD Michael Murphy
Will Keepin, PhD
Susan Mokelke
Michael Harner, PhD Brigitte Grof
Amit Goswami, PhD Ervin Laszlo, PhD
Becca Tarnas, PhD
Jill Purse, MA, PhD

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Drown among the dead

Without us knowing how or for how long he has been there, an old comedian lies buried up to his neck in the middle of a desert. A strange woman bearing a nail-bat finds him and intends to kill him. To save himself, the prisoner lures her with mysterious words, distracting her with stories of a mythical threshold that holds the absolute truth. She is trapped by the words as she struggles with her own existential conflicts in a world where the boundaries between truth, lies, reality, and imagination are blurry. This bizarre situation detonates a monologue about solitude, emptiness, love, absurdity, fear of death and the fragility of human passions.

Cast: Horacio Salinas and Anajose Aldrete

Director: Ruben Gutierrez

Runtime: 61 mins.

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

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Solve et Coagula 22

A ritual that combines Tarot and Tattoo.

Cast/Performer: RAH

Director: Andrew Smith

Music: Jezebel Halewood-Leagas

Language: ITA

Subtitles: ENG

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Monstrous storms ravage a post-apocalyptic world.
The last human survivors have taken refuge underground. They try to remember who they are, with the help of the only child who was born free.

Cast: Ace Ramsey, Ana Ilijeska, Alex Place

Director: Gabriela Ilijeska

Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama

Runtime: 8 minutes

Language: fictional

Subtitles: english

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Sensual Psychedelia

Three women on their way to a rave encounter a strange sight in the night sky: a spaceship full of celestial beings abducting Earth women! One skeptic stumbles through a cacophony of mind-altering scenes while her companions mingle with the intergalactic mind expanders. Will her friends be seduced by the glittering glamazons and their bizarre outer space stoner cult? And what is the ominous force watching all of them? A psychedelic ballet packed with hallucinogenic visuals and voluptuous nude space babes.

Cast: Bugalú Boogie, Cely Alicea, Essa Terick, Nebulaarz, Freshie Juice, Lillias Right, Xöe Nova

Director: Ryan Suits

Genres: Sci-Fi, Arthouse, LGBT, Stoner

Runtime: 85 minutes

Language: English

Subtitles: English (captions), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

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The Fear Of Looking Up

While chasing a serial killer inspired by the god of sleep, a cop’s life is overturned by the death of her lover. Looming monsters and the need for revenge cloud the border between her nightmares and reality. A cosmic horror, weird tale.

Cast: Friday Chamberlain, Suzan Crowley, William Kaliniak, Kitty Fenn, Kathryn Haynes

Director: Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

Producer: A Melancholy Star Production

Genres: Fantasy, Thriller, Cosmic Horror

Runtime: 90′

Language: English

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“Person” by Shunnarahs

A music video for “Person” off the Shunnarahs album “Joke of Many Movements,” in which a spiritual seeker finds a lot of dead ends. Comprised entirely of archival footage taken from a 1970s U.S. Information Agency series, “Person” revels in accidental choreography and remembers what it’s like to be weird.

Directors: Gideon C. Kennedy & Marcus Rosentrater
Genre: Music Video
Runtime: 5:14
Language: English

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In an alternate 1970s, an investigator visits North Cactus City, a small town somewhere in the Southwest, to study the lingering effects of an earlier Roswell type incident, and discovers a conspiracy to overthrow the beloved mayor.

Cast: Edward Parker Bolman, Buzzsaw, Teddy Quinn, Maritza Brikisak, Janet Housden

Director: Julia Noel

Genres: Experimental, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Surrealism

Runtime: 106 Minutes

Language: English

Subtitles: English

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The Witch Hunters are Coming

The Witch Hunters are Coming is a parody of daytime reality shows that follow law enforcers. It follows an investigation by two witch hunters in London who confront a suspected witch. The film touches upon witches in popular culture with references to The Blair Witch Project, Snow White and The Wizard of Oz.

Marcus Massey … Siddarth The Witch Hunter
Phoebe Munford … Dorothy The Witch Hunter
Russell Biles … Narrator
Keeley-Jo Jupp … Agatha Blair
Martina Lopez … Black Dress Witch
Dixita Pandya … Prisha Varma
Alexander Scott … Kevin Prince

James Atkins … executive producer, writer, director, editor
Marcus Massey … co-producer, sound recordist
Michael Walters … Composer
Aby Hamouda … Director of Photography
Martina Lopez … makeup artist, assistant camera
Daniel Hargadon … sound recordist
Guy Pearson … digital effects
Simone Cancian … camera operator
Leo Jarrett … stills photographer


9 mins 59 secs


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Saint Cecilia in Majesty

Director: Jonah Steeman
runtime: 9 minutes
genre: art film / drone music

“Saint Cecilia in Majesty” is an absurdist deconstruction of medieval and renaissance depictions of Saint Cecilia, the patroness of musicians. A traditional memento mori skull signifying her martyrdom is overlaid with blooming roses, symbolizing both her virtue and incorruptibility. Underneath the imagery is the densely stacked droning sound of her attributes, the organ, violins, and flutes. Every aspect of the piece is designed to invoke an ethereal trance and spiritual experience in the spectator.

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One World – The Ocean of Presence


A glimpse into the future of mankind’s consciousness? Or just a unique ability of one man alone? Braco is a man from Croatia who has not spoken to the public since 2004. Instead, he stands on a podium and silently looks at the people who stand in front of him in a group. His gaze seems to lift people to a level of consciousness where anything is possible. They report about dramatic life changing experiences…
Braco was awarded a Peace Pole at a United Nations event in New York, 2012.
The deepest levels of physics are converging together with spirituality, bringing forth the same message – We are all Consciousness. The remarkable story of Braco has the potential to awaken something that already exists in all of us.

Director: Gerald Schank and Slavica Martinovic

Genre: Biopic Documentary

Runtime: 92 min.

Language: English – with English Subtitles

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Text Messages from the Universe

49 days in the Bardo. A dancing book on screen.

‘Text Messages from the Universe’ is a film that immerses its audience in subjective states of consciousness they might experience when they die. It imagines what they can see and think and hear in a seamless but fragmentary flow of poetic images, words, dance and music. It places the viewer in the position of going through a journey into their own interior world of dreams and projections in which time and space, and cause and effect logic, are turned on their heads.

‘Text Messages from the Universe’ is inspired by ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’, a text which guides souls on their 49 day transmigration through the ‘Bardo’, or intermediate state, between dying and rebirth. It also draws on the Yogic idea of the seven Chakras, or psychic energy centres, in visualizing this odyssey of movement, colour and consciousness.

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT by Richard James Allen

‘Text Messages from the Universe’ seeks to explore aspects of human consciousness that are, if not unknowable, at the very least difficult to access.

More and more scientific research is going into attempts to understand ideas such as near-death experiences and life after death. While this project is by no means scientific research, it nonetheless explores ways to express the ‘inexpressible’. It does this by taking art forms that already have some capacity for touching on abstract experiences and pushing them a little further. By placing different creative media forms into unusual relationships and dynamic interactions, it aims to find out if it can evoke experiences, meanings and insights beyond those that might be offered by any one of them individually.

‘Text Messages from the Universe’ crosshatches an array of art forms to touch on the unknowable and perhaps inexpressible: what happens to human consciousness after death.


Richard James Allen, Jay Bailey, Lily Bones, Andrea Briody, Sonia Camara, Bonnie Curtis, Emma Dulvey, Ryuichi Fujimura, Jan Bones Gonscak, Brayden Harry, Stephanie King, Dimitri Kleioris, Brianna Law, Catherine Moore, Phillipa Mills, Ellena Nou, Xin Hui Ong, Karen Pearlman, Kathryn Puie, Elizabeth Roberts, Sharlene Roberts, Elena Salerno, Lauren Scarcella, Cassandra Spilling, Levente Szabo, Cydney Yeats.

Ola Turkiewicz

Richard James Allen

Feature Film – Narrative, Experimental, Dancefilm, Poetryfilm, Artfilm, Arthouse, Spiritual

62 minutes



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TALITA l’ abbandono

Talita : Berenice, Mc.5,25-34 : Irene Giuliano, Ombre : Irene Giuliano, Lara Tessaro, Carlo Barbieri, Damiano Rossi.
Soggetto, sceneggiatura, testo e regia : Damiano Rossi
Genere : Horror, psicologico
Durata : 12,23

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The Rite of Saturn

The Rites of Eleusis are seven planetary mystery plays written and presented by Aleister Crowley at Caxton Hall in London, 1910. The original presentations contained poetry recitals, live musical accompaniment and interpretive dance. Eleusyve Productions has adapted each of these plays into a musical theater format, maintaining all of the original dialog and stage directions, and presented over the span of almost two decades. Each play has been produced for video, and the entire series is now complete. This film is the first Rite in the series, properly speaking, and the final to be staged: Aleister Crowley’s The Rite of Saturn, a rock opera.

Saturn is the beginning – where life and all dualities begin. Magister Templi and Mater Coeli show their followers that life is despair and ecstasy, and that sometimes the difference between the two can be a matter of perspective.

Jon Sewell as Magister Templi, Sunnie Larsen as Mater Coeli, Ryan Holsather as Brother Capricornus, Tim Bruhn as Brother Aquarius, Shawna Jacques as Sister Choragoge, Richard Cardone as Brother Capricornus Emissarius

Directed for Stage by Melissa Holm, Videography and Editing by Bob Jones, Music by Jon Sewell

Run Time: 120 minutes

Language: English

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