A glimpse into the future of mankind’s consciousness? Or just a unique ability of one man alone? Braco is a man from Croatia who has not spoken to the public since 2004. Instead, he stands on a podium and silently looks at the people who stand in front of him in a group. His gaze seems to lift people to a level of consciousness where anything is possible. They report about dramatic life changing experiences…
Braco was awarded a Peace Pole at a United Nations event in New York, 2012.
The deepest levels of physics are converging together with spirituality, bringing forth the same message – We are all Consciousness. The remarkable story of Braco has the potential to awaken something that already exists in all of us.

Director: Gerald Schank and Slavica Martinovic

Genre: Biopic Documentary

Runtime: 92 min.

Language: English – with English Subtitles