*Synopsis: SUPERFICIALLY: During COVID lockdown, In my attempt to understand the synchronicities between occult teachings and the New Age / self-help popularity explosion of the 20th century, I end up caught up in the paranoia that surrounds secret societies.

ILLUMINATI REALITY: This is a very dark statement of reality, and what happens (in a Lovecraftain version) when the average mind seeks to pierce the layers of the veil that clothes itself as “reality.” A mild curiosity quickly becomes an obsessive search for “Truth” (“the” truth beyond the version we are presented by polite, harmonious society) , revealing glitches in the matrix, or “oddities” that unravel sanity as one learns the inner workings of a global construct.

Human understanding cannot fathom the concepts developed over countless millennia by the cosmic mind, as it evolves and pits its various creations against each other in a fool’s quest for human immortality and omniscience. The human mind becomes saturated with arcane information from too many disparate sources, revealing patterns and themes. But the researcher is beset upon by conflicting versions of small truths as the nature of multi-dimensional “reality” comes into view.

The various power centers of religion, philosophy, and occult are child’s playthings that are in fact tools of nature to drive us forward for her own aims of immortality. Having created “life,” she seeks to escape the prison of this “one” floating rock ball to spread her seed beyond a backwater solar system doomed to finite life. Only by evolving *and* having her creations “be fruitful and multiply” across all time and space can nature avoid her own eventual destruction.

We are all merely players on a stage so grand we cannot imagine the scope of its entirety. At the moment of enlightenment a researcher’s mind snaps, and is ultimately confronted with blissful ignorance: the sanity of the “normal world” and its mundane dramas.

* Cast: Dusty White (researcher), Brianna Borgzinner (downstairs neighbor)

* Director: Dusty White

*Genres: Conspiracy, Occult, Dark comedy

* Runtime: 13:49

* Language: English

* Subtitles: English

* Director statement: There is no “one” illuminati. Obviously there are dozens, but ultimately they are all the unwitting puppets of the master Machiavellian marionettist.