SHIVTA is a short dance film telling a cinematic and kinetic exploration of two lost desert wanderers. In a form of Fata-Morgana, a doubtful portal appears in the distance. Curiosity takes over and the two, as the narrative rolls forward, find themselves bewitched and possessed by a celestial fortune teller.

Or Meir Schraiber: Director
Or Meir Schraiber: Writer
Achsheli Productions: Producer
Derrick Belcham: Cinematography
Or Meir Schraiber: Key Cast
Ori Ofri: Key Cast
Bobbi Jene Smith: Key Cast
Matan Kohn: Key Cast
Omri Drumlevich: Key Cast
Emanuel Keller: Key Cast
Gili Ben Harush: Key Cast
Guy Shamay: Key Cast
Nadav Cohen: Key Cast
Keir GoGwilt: Music
Emanuel Keller: Music
Ben Rempel: Music
Guillaume de Machaut: Music
Kyle Motl: Music
Roberto Prado: Music
Bobbi Jene Smith: Art
Hila Mayzels: Art
Nirit Schraiber: Art
Anat Boontjis: Art
Orian Oscar: Costumes and Makeup
Ori Kroll: Costumes and Makeup

Film Type: Experimental, Short, Student, Web / New Media, Other
Genres: Dance, Choreography, Mystery, Adventure, Musical, Silent
Runtime: 10 minutes 58 seconds
Completion Date: December 13, 2017
Country of Origin: Israel
Country of Filming: Israel, State of Palestine
Shooting Format: Digital (R3D, Slog2)
Film Color: Color

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