The Astrology of Pandemics is a 42-minute documentary film on the astrology of both COVID-19 and previous pandemics. An unprecedented astronomical and astrological journey that investigates the same planetary configuration that happens at each pandemic to date.

Can astrology help us understand the current pandemic and assist us in preparing for future outbreaks? Featuring an interview with renowned astrologer André Barbault who, back in 2011, predicted the 2020 pandemic, using planetary cycles.

CAST: André Barbault

DIRECTOR: Nicholas Snyder

GENRE: Documentary
SUBGENRE: Historical / Narrative / Spiritual

RUNTIME: 42 minutes

LANGUAGE: English (Interview with Barbault is in French)



Through an in-depth astrological research, the intent of “The Astrology of Pandemics” is to help people build resilience to better cope with the stressors of this pandemic, while giving an overview of the planetary energies that are present during pandemics (the current one included).
Although the film has a lot of astrological terminology, it is made for anyone who is interested in astrology, from beginner to advanced.
Given the striking prediction of a “2020 pandemic”, made by astrologer André Barbault in 2011 using the study of the planetary cyclic index, the film seeks to inform the viewer of the stunning correlations between planetary configurations and global events.

This film was made with the hope to spark the curiosity about the connection we have to the universe and present astrology as a valuable and useful tool when it comes to understanding periods of crises.
Can this be the language in which the universe is trying to communicate?