Synopsis: A transcendental fable.

“To honor the memory of his father who passed away in 2019, Martin Del Carpio opts for the medium of film once again, and delivers his most lyrical work to date. At once deeply personal, carefully veiled in a delicate fabric of pure emotions, and absolutely immersive in its dreamlike, mysterious beauty, ‘The Dark Forest’ transmutes its author’s innermost life into an admirable piece of introspective cinema. Opening with Dante Alighieri’s quote which inspired the title, it takes the viewer on a short, yet transcendent journey through the bushes of symbols and trees of thoughts, in the company of a lovely (and cunning?) forest spirit embodied by Carly Erin O’Neil whose poise and grace translate as otherworldly. The enchanting imagery that we see on our way is the result of another tight-knit collaboration between writer / director Del Carpio and DoP / editor William Murray, whereby the dense atmosphere of meditative seclusion is complemented by Dan Shaked’s ruminative voice-over and M. Nomized’s haunting score which occasionally gives off some strong ‘classic Hollywood’ vibes…”

Cast: The Voice of the Forest by Dan Shaked
The Spirit of the Forest by Carly Erin O’Neil
Written & Directed by Martin Del Carpio
Produced by Martin Del Carpio & Jolie Chan
Photographed by William Murray
Edited by William Murray & Martin Del Carpio
Music composed and played by M. Nomized
Visual Effects by William Murray
Genre: Videopoetry / Poetry Film
Runtime: 9:23
Language: English
Subtitles: Can get in any language upon request.
Director Statement: I wrote this film two months after my father passed away back in 2019. It took me some time to actually film the story and bring it into fruition. I’m glad it’s finally here.
My father was a bit convoluted when he was alive. But beneath it all, he was a good man. I’ve discovered so much about him after he passed which in turn, gave me the chance to finally understand him as a human being.
This is my closure to that story.