Based on classic Persian literature, The Shahnameh by Ferdowsi (The Book of Kings) the film follows upstart ruler Zahak’s treacherous rise to the throne in Jamkard (ancient Persia) and naïve Afaridoun, the young hero who will save the kingdom and people from the darkness. Zahak, who made a Faustian pack to control the thrown is now haunted by his evil deeds. His recent nightmares and now a told prophecy of how a young man he wronged in the past will rise up against him has him worried and unstable, jeopardizing everything. However, Afaridoun must first conquer his own inner demons before he can battle Zahak’s dark forces to be the hero of Jamkard and restore peace to the kingdom and fulfill the prophecy. Ancient Persian mythology that unveils human nature.

Director: Ashkan Rahgozar
Genre: Historical, Action, Adventure
Runtime: 100 minutes
Language: Persian & English
Subtitles: English