The Legacy of the Wild Mothers is a documentary about a group of women living in Norway that have a deep connection with the natural world inspired by ancient shamanic beliefs and practices. They hold a special relationship with Nature by reviving old rituals centred on the worship of goddesses, the moon, animals and the female reproductive system.

Director & Producer: Margarida Paiva
Cinematography: Margarida Paiva
Participation: Irini Hara, Johanna L. Rivera, Milda Rai, Tamara de Zotti, Vanja Sverdlilje
Music: Enza Lattanzi
Sound Mix: Kenneth M. Lewis

Margarida Paiva (1975, Portugal) is a visual artist living in Oslo working with film and photography. In 2007, Paiva completed her Master degree at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and has earlier studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto. Her films have been shown widely in exhibitions and international festivals. Recent work focuses on the human bond with other living beings, like plant and animal life. This interest in nature has a spiritual dimension which is inspired by ancient animist beliefs in which plants, animals and places all possess a distinct immaterial essence.