Awoken in the middle of the night, in the heart of a city deserted by its inhabitants, yet still occupied by strange creatures, two children embark on a nocturnal quest. Towards an enchanted abode, an area out of time where the destiny of the ages will unravel, giving birth to a new world. In a semi-darkness haunted by monsters and fractured by lightning. Between dread and wonder, the revelation of a shifting zone at the Gates of Future and Hell. A dark, dreamlike tale, the initiatory journey of two children deep inside the labyrinth of The Abode of Chaos.

Cast: Thierry Ehrmann, Yoko Higashi, Lydie Bonnet, Jean-Michel Ostrowski, Olivia et Marceau Jacquet, Olga Gorbouchine, Rodolphe Bessey

Director: Laurent Courau

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Occult, Bizarre

Runtime: 67 minutes

Language: French, Finnish, Japanese

Subtitles: English, French