The Rites of Eleusis are seven planetary mystery plays written and presented by Aleister Crowley at Caxton Hall in London, 1910. The original presentations contained poetry recitals, live musical accompaniment and interpretive dance. Eleusyve Productions has adapted each of these plays into a musical theater format, maintaining all of the original dialog and stage directions, and presented over the span of almost two decades. Each play has been produced for video, and the entire series is now complete. This film is the first Rite in the series, properly speaking, and the final to be staged: Aleister Crowley’s The Rite of Saturn, a rock opera.

Saturn is the beginning – where life and all dualities begin. Magister Templi and Mater Coeli show their followers that life is despair and ecstasy, and that sometimes the difference between the two can be a matter of perspective.

Jon Sewell as Magister Templi, Sunnie Larsen as Mater Coeli, Ryan Holsather as Brother Capricornus, Tim Bruhn as Brother Aquarius, Shawna Jacques as Sister Choragoge, Richard Cardone as Brother Capricornus Emissarius

Directed for Stage by Melissa Holm, Videography and Editing by Bob Jones, Music by Jon Sewell

Run Time: 120 minutes

Language: English