In early XVII’th century, A talented young silversmith (Johannes Banfi Hunyades) from the Transylvanian city of Baia Mare, immersed himself in alchemical studies 400 years ago and came into conflict with the most powerful man in the area. In a parallel act in the present time, an entrepreneur from Baia Mare is investigating after he accidentally found the unknown alchemist in his hometown.
Nowdays, a furniture dealer from the same city, Walter Übelhart, has decided to take a shorter career to kick. To compensate, he deals with the history of his homeland. A man who seems to have been waiting for him speaks to his parents’ grave. He presents the photo of a coin that shows all of Walters previous research overthrows. The symbols on the coin suggest that it is 400 years previously gave forerunners of Masonic orders in Baia Mare – in the Mining Fraternities in the Region.

Agatha, the daughter of the rich gold mining tenant Georg Lissibona, asks Johannes to help her in love matters. A drug from his laboratory is said to be for a while make them appear dead so that they can face a young man from a hostile family (Herbetstein) can flee her father. It ends with the real death of Agatha by the Father’s dagger after walking through the house like a risen dead woman, a strigoi is wrong.
Johannes travels through Europe to share his knowledge with people from other countries,
exchange works at the court of the alchemist emperor Rudolph II in Prague. In Germany, he was a co-founder of the Rosicrucian movement, the forerunner of the later Freemasonry in England. When he arrived in London, he joined the Rosicrucian circle around William Shakespeare. In the group around Shakespeare, he processes his experiences with Agatha and their tragic love in a stage play. He’s knowledge and contacts make him a sought-after scholar of hisTime; he becomes friends with Arthur Dee and Francis Bacon. Later he was promoted to teach at Gresham College, marries one from Kent the high nobility of England.
Walter often cannot explain can do what he is experiencing. He finded more and more motifs and stories from Shakespeare’s dramas on stories of Romanian traditions.The entrepreneur intensifies his investigations and gets help. He’s friend Paul, a private investigator, is quickly on board, encounters a parapsychologist who opened a new dimension in his studies: hundreds of years apart removed, would actually be very close to each other. The abundance of similar characters and names, even of similarities of entire narrative strands are overwhelming.
The language of the film does not have any lurid effects. It unfolds hers effect through the parallelism of events that are unstoppable from the past to influence the present. The protagonist in the storyline before 400 years is Johannes Banfi Hunyades. The protagonist in the present time is Walter Übelhart – and with the same name with the screenwriter.
The two protagonists finally meet on the spiral of time and engage in a fascinating dialogue.

Ioan Mircea Farcaș – Key Cast – “Walter”
Alexandru Stan – Key Cast – “Johannes Banfi Hunyades”

Director: Tárkányi János

Genre: historical, drama, thriller

Runtime: 94 min.

Language: romanian

Subtitle: english

Director statement:

I have always been attracted to difficult situations, which in one way or another are different from the mundane life… I have tried extreme sports to see everyday life from another perspective. In the classroom I experiment with new teaching methods with each class in order to attract the fascination of the digital generation towards the artistic film. Just like in real life, in film I seek to experience everything new, to go on untrodden paths so as to discover and experience new sensations, both in terms of the production side of the film, i.e. content, and on the perception side of the film, meaning the spectator.