Evelin lives with her sister Alice and her Father in an isolated cottage along the river.
Since her mother’s passing, no one has ever crossed the gate of their property.
Nobody has left or entered.

They live in a world in which every sign of life has to be suppressed and inhibited. Life is a source of pain, attachments and affections induce sorrow and this evil has to be avoided. But now something new has started to grow inside Evelin. Something that cannot be pushed away. Her body has awakened and has no intention to be bunked down again. In the meantime, the blossoming spring has started and a young man, called by everyone the idiot, has decided to abandon his land, looking for the woman he met in his dreams.

The story was inspired by the book “More Than Human” by Theodore Sturgeon

“ Like a stone in a peach, a yolk in an egg, he carried another thing.

It was passive, it was receptive, it was awake and alive. If it was connected in any way to the animal integument, it ignored the connexions. It drew its substance from the idiot and was otherwise unaware of him.

Seth Morley: Director
Yag Film and Giovanni Fiamminghi: Producer
Adriana Grigoriev: Key Cast
Marta Suardi: Key Cast
Niccolò Tiberi: Key Cast
Mino Francesco Manni: Key Cast

Film Type: Experimental, Short
Genres: Tragedy, drama, horror
Runtime: 35 minutes
Completion Date: July 13, 2017
Country of Origin: Italy
Country of Filming: Italy
Film Language: Italian
Shooting Format: Digital Full HD
Film Color: Color

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