God creates MAN and WOMAN, but papal dogmas divide them.
They escape the conflict the way God created them – naked.
Suddenly they find themselves in a library.
In ancient books they discover the Song of Solomon.
The tender verses help man and woman to reunite once again. The library becomes their new Garden of Eden.
The Song of Songs is a collection of highly erotic poems in the Bible. VERITAS NUDA puts them in relation to papal doctrine by combining nude art, acting and bible readings.

Woman: Melody Bayer
Man: Ole Bosse
Hand: Martina Topp
Voice 1: Jessica Schilling
Voice 2: Alice Rudolf-Hinse
German voice: Hubertus Hinse

Hubertus Hinse





If human beings are the image of God, shouldn’t physicality be celebrated instead of being demonized? There is eroticism even in the Bible! Solomon’s Song of Songs is an ancient collection of highly erotic love poems. And yet physicality and sexuality are still often associated with guilt and shame: While the Pope claims that the primary task of women is to give birth and therefore forbids contraception, God’s creation groans under overpopulation. VERITAS NUDA makes a plea for physicality lived positively: The erotic texts of the Song of Solomon are put in relation to “humane vitae”, the ban on the pill, and current Vatican quotations.
VERITAS NUDA brings the conflict between physicality and papal doctrine to the screen.
Our statement is clear: The current attitude of the Vatican to physicality and sexuality is a mistake in the eyes of the crew, as was the condemnation of Galileo.