Aspiring journalist Avery Stone is invited by his old flame Madison Jones to experience ‘the story of a lifetime’. After reuniting in person, it becomes clear that they both have unfinished business together, but Avery isn’t the only one vying for her affection. To Avery’s surprise, he is introduced to Madison’s charming friend and co-worker, Nevada Recker.

Madison reveals that she and Nevada have stolen a prototype of an experimental psychic machine dubbed “The Mind Bridge” from their workplace, so that all three of them can test it out for themselves. Reluctant, Avery agrees to connect with them and Nevada leads the way.

During their psychedelic journey, the three share visions of past and future events in their lives – some grim, some erotic. The adventure leaves the group spellbound and deeply connected to one another, but the experience gives way to danger when a hidden darkness awakens inside of them that could alter their identities forever.

Cast: Brendan McGowan, Adam Christy, Alissa Filoramo

Director: Adam Christy

Runtime: 20:29 min

Language: English